Building Spectacular Structures


Vegas, with an unveiling of a profound architectural archetype, is greated to bring a complete transformation in the cosmos of the city.
Vegas is much more than just a mega commercial complex, it is a city in itself. It boasts of constellation of international retail brands, largeness of shopping experience, an assorted gamut of entertainment zones, eclectic dinig and retail hubs, food court, hotel, banquets,commercial offices plus much much more.

Vegas is an architectural marvel ! Spread over 28,000+ Sq. Mts. comprising of 20 lacs+ Sq. Ft. of prime development, it is designed to reflect the features of the Lotus flower. A hotbed of international retail brands, the first megaplex of Delhi, Business Hotels, Corporate Suites and Lavish Offices, Vegas is ready to offer Dwarka a peek into the best of the world.


An International Trend
Smart Home
Smart Offices
Guest House
Smart Investment
Dedicated entrance lobby
Excellent location
Ample car parking
CCTV Surveillance
Optimized floors plans
High Speed Elevators


Vegas Mall
Sector 14, Dwarka,
New Delhi - 110078